Diamonds are millions of years old and are cherished as a gemstone for their beauty as well as durability.  We help you find the perfect diamond by explaining how each one is truly you all diamonds loose so that you can truly see each diamond under magnification...explain how to choose the best one for you.  We adhere to the 4 C's but have added one more for our clients...the 5th C...confidence in your purchase.  All of our diamonds are ethically sourced and we adhere to strict grading guidelines.  Let us show you the Art of the Diamond. 


We search the world for the finest gemstones.  We carry different grades, cuts and source our gemstones ethically.  We also have sources for cutting gemstones and for matching. 


Pearls...the only organic gemstone found.  We ethically source our pearls and provide our clients with affordable freshwater pearls to the finest Akoya, Tahitian and South Sea.  We provide pearl matching and stringing as well as Add-A-Pearl.

The Jewel Shoppe, the Art of Fine Jewelry

16490 W. Main Street

Louisville, Mississippi  39339


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